Faith in Public Life

1990 M ST NW, Suite 740
Washington, DC 20036

Mission: Faith in Public Life (FPL) is a strategy center for the faith community advancing faith in the public square as a powerful force for justice, compassion and the common good. In order to maximize the faith community’s unique ability to shape public debates, FPL identifies and creates moments of opportunity, builds and supports broad coalitions, and designs and implements innovative campaigns, bold initiatives and capacity-building tools. FPL’s approach emphasizes results, rapid response, cutting-edge skills and media savvy.

Grants Made

Fiscal Year Amount Grant type Grant description
2019-20 $25,000 General Support
2018-19 $25,000 General Support
2017-18 $25,000 General Support
2016-17 $25,000 General Support
2015-16 $30,000 General Support
2014-15 $10,000 Project Grant GOTV pledge card test for African American people of faith
2014-15 $30,000 General Support
2013-14 $30,000 General Support
2012-13 $25,000 General Support