Institute for America's Future

1825 K Street, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006

Mission: The Campaign for America’s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be. To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.

Merged into People's Action Institute

Grants Made

Fiscal Year Amount Grant type Grant description
2015-16 $1,000 Project Grant 2015 Awards Gala
2015-16 $100,000 Project Grant Public Leadership Institute's Enforcement Training Project
2013-14 $1,500 Project Grant 2013 Institute for America's Future Gala
2011-12 $2,500 Project Grant Take Back the American Dream conference
2011-12 $2,500 Project Grant Take Back the American Dream Conference
2009-10 $50,000 General Support
2008-09 $50,000 General Support